The quote "necessity is the mother of invention" has never been truer than the story of the Paver Buddy.

As a one-man hardscaping operation, owner and creator Josh Mosher, won the bid on a 750 square foot patio to be built from 24"X36," 162lb pavers. Far too much for one guy to handle (especially one with a herniated disc!).

He scoured the internet for a tool to make the job feasible but came up short. The job was a couple months away so out came the welder, a busted-up dolly,  and some scrap steel. By the end of the day, the Paver Buddy was born. It sure wasn't pretty, but it proved more valuable than the rest of the tools in the trailer combined when Josh was able to lay the entire patio by himself.

Since then, the Paver Buddy has met engineers, welders, and professional powder coaters to get it working and looking as good as it does now.